What Is a Senior Age Agency?

A senior age agency is a public or private nonprofit agency that serves the needs and concerns of older people. The term Area Agency on Aging is used generically, and the agencies are generally responsible for a geographic region. This region may be a city, a county, or even a region of a state. There are several types of senior age agencies, including public, nonprofit, and nonprofit agencies. Here are the differences between the three types of senior age agencies.

Services offered

A senior age agency is a nonprofit organization that serves older adults. These organizations provide health and social services in their communities. Their programs address chronic conditions and disabilities, substance abuse reduction, weight management, and stress management, as well as preventive health measures. While many agencies charge fees, these nonprofits keep overhead low and are therefore able to provide more services for a lower price. However, not all agencies are alike. To find out which agency is right for your needs, read on to learn about the types of services they offer.

The Area Agency on Aging of Broward County administers a wide variety of services and programs to improve the health of older people. Their mission is to reduce the risk of illness and disability by promoting good health and well-being. Moreover, they also provide case management services and meals for the elderly. They also provide information and education about local programs and state benefits. These programs aim to improve the quality of life for older people and their caregivers.


Area Agencies on Aging are nonprofit, public agencies designated by a state to address the needs and concerns of older adults. These agencies offer many services to improve health, reduce risk of disease and disability, and promote independence. In addition to their traditional services, they also offer transportation and case management. Read on to find out more about these agencies and their services. Here are some locations. You can also call a local Aging Information Center for more information.

Financial assistance programs for the elderly are available at local AARP offices and AARP Foundation offices. Those services can help you understand your health insurance coverage and budget your finances. These agencies can also help you navigate the legal system and plan for the future. They can also help you understand what resources and services are available in your community. In New York City, there is one Aging and Adults office in every borough. These offices provide assistance to older adults and their families.

Contact information

For more information about senior services and resources, you can contact your local Area Agency on Aging. These agencies provide information and referrals on the available services in the area. Listed below are some of the services available. The following contact information is provided for your convenience. Make sure to call the agency’s office to confirm the information they provide. You can also check online for the office location and telephone numbers of other agencies that serve seniors.

The Office for the Aging is a nonprofit organization that advises government officials and serves older residents in their community. They provide services and programs that help older adults remain as independent as possible. The Office also develops county-wide plans to ensure the safety and well-being of older residents. These agencies also assist caregivers. If you are concerned about the needs of an aging loved one, contact the appropriate agency today. Its goal is to provide services and resources to older residents and their families.

Application process

Before applying for senior age agency services, it is helpful to understand the benefits of such services. The program helps older adults save money, and it also provides a variety of services. In addition, it can help older adults with medical issues. To apply for services, contact the Area Agency on Aging in your county. These agencies provide in-home care and assistance with heating bills. The application process for these programs is straightforward, and staff at the offices can help older adults through the entire process.

In addition to providing a range of services, a senior age agency can provide job training. In the United States, the Senior Community Service Employment Program provides job training to senior citizens. It offers job training in customer service and computers, and it also provides on-the-job training at nonprofits and government agencies. The program also provides opportunities for participants to network with employers and meet job developers. To learn more, visit the website below.